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Rocca Rosato

Rocca Rosato

One of our new additions to the Huberwein family!

Our Rosato is made from Nebbiolo and Barbera. Its intense fruitiness of strawberry, raspberry and cherry lends summery feelings and brings to mind cosy evenings on the terrace.

Our Rocca Rosato is an affair of the heart and is perfect for aperitif rounds with friends and family!


DOC | Piemonte Rosato | 2020 | Nebbiolo & Barbera | Matured in stainless steel tanks | 13% vol 


16 Fr. | 75cl
Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti

Fruity aromas with a beautiful sparkling sweetness and a fragrant, aromatic finish.
A very palatable, fresh sweet wine. The nutmeg note typical for this variety dominates the bouquet together with flowery and fruity aromas.
With only 5% alcohol, this wine is ideal for a refreshing aperitif or to complement a desert. It is best enjoyed chilled and is not suited for aging.


Moscato DOCG | 2020 | Matured in stainless steel tanks | 5% vol

15.5 Fr. | 75cl
Rocca Spumante

Rocca Spumante

Our finely bubbly, sparkling Spumante made from Nebbiolo is one of our new additions to the Huberwein family.

The Rocca Spumante impresses with its fresh, gentle taste of red fruits and floral notes and is the perfect wine for a summer aperitif.

We pop the corks with it and toast our friends, family & the 2nd generation of Huberwein!

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DOC | Vino Spumante Brut | 2020 | Nebbiolo | Matured in stainless steel tanks | 12.5% vol